Welcome to Wellington Buddhist Centre, part of the world wide Triratna Buddhist Community.

If you are new to Buddhism or Meditation, and want to learn more Wellington Buddhist centre is an ideal place to begin your exploration of the richness of the Buddha’s teachings. We try to engage with the Buddha’s teachings in the conditions of the modern world, free from the cultural baggage of traditional forms of Buddhism.

We aim to practice and present a form of Buddhism that is grounded in the core teachings and practices that underlie all the different ethnic schools of Buddhism. This means that you will get an appreciation of the overall scope of Buddhist approaches rather than focus on one tradition.

The Buddha once said that spiritual friendship is the whole of the spiritual life and in Triratna friendship is one of our central ideals. So if you are already familiar with Buddhism Wellington Buddhist Centre can support you in your practice by helping you meet like minded people.

You can find out more about us by a attending  a drop-in session, a course or by coming to our Open Night.

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Upcoming Events

Next Open Night: 27 March – Three Marks of Conditioned Existence – Impermanence

As part of our series on Conditionality we are  looking at the Three Lakshanas, or Marks of Conditioned Existence.

Autumn is the time when we can easily see the second lakshana; impermanence. Summer is over and leaves are starting to turn brown. But most of the time we deny impermanence and act is if everything in our lives will go on forever. However this will inevitably lead to suffering.

This evening Akashagarbha will speak on how we can identify the reality of change in our lives and by embracing overcome suffering.



Sub 35 Meetings: 28 March – Meeting the Buddha

Who was the Buddha and what is our relationship to him? Over the coming weeks we’ll be exploring the man, the myth, the Enlightened being; and how this relates to us. Our first session is Wednesday, 28 March 2018.

At the end of each session we have a guided meditation which is appropriate for all levels of experience.

Anyone under the age of 35 is welcome and no experience is required. Bring your thoughts, ideas, questions and aspirations – or, you know, just yourself!

Koha / dana / donations gratefully received to help us cover costs at the centre, but please don’t let money be a barrier to attending – you’re always welcome.


Wellington Buddhist Centre is located upstairs at 6-8 Broomhedge Street, Mount Cook, Wellington.  There is plenty of parking right outside the centre in the evenings and on weekends.

Contact us for more information.