Wellington Buddhist Centre is the hub of a friendly community of people who are interested in Buddhism and meet up regularly to meditate and support each other.

We aim to practice and present a form of Buddhism that is grounded in the core teachings and practices that underlie all the different ethnic schools of Buddhism. We are not Tibetan Buddhists, Zen Buddhists, Theravada Buddhists, Nichiren Buddhists, or Pure Land Buddhists — we are simply Buddhists, basing ourselves on the core teachings, but open to the richness of the whole tradition.

Newcomers can find out more about Buddhism at our Open Night, or learn to meditate at a class or workshop.

For those who wish to go deeper we hold regular meditation sessionsretreats, devotional practices, festivals and other events.

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Upcoming Event

Next Open Night:  26 June – The Perfection of Energy


As part of Buddhist Action Month we will be looking at the Bodhisattva Ideal, the altruistic aspect of enlightenment to inspire us. An aspiring Bodhisattva is said to practice six paramitas, or perfections.

This week Malcolm is going to consider the third perfection of virya or energy. So does this mean being a bodhisattva all about rushing here and there all day doing this and doing that, being very busy, doing lots of things, getting through a lot of work? Or is there more to it than that?


Wellington Buddhist Centre is located upstairs at 6-8 Broomhedge Street, Mount Cook, Wellington.  There is plenty of parking right outside the centre in the evenings and on weekends.

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