Dāna Economy

Dāna is the Buddhist principle of generosity. As part of spreading the Buddha's teachings, we think it's important that we run our centre on the basis of dāna and aim to inspire a culture of giving.

All are classes are run by volunteers who aren't paid for the work they do. We don't charge for most of our classes, but simply ask you to donate whatever you can so we can cover our running costs.

Unfortunately, now that our centre has had to close, we have lost all the donations we would normally receive from classes, as well as income from courses and retreats.

We know times are hard for many people, and for some giving financially is not an option at this time. But we have never needed support more than we do now. We hope those who can will give what they can so that we can get through this period and keep the Centre running and ready to reopen as soon as possible.

If you are in a position to give, whether small or large, one-off or regularly, it will make a huge difference. For more detailed information about our finances or to discuss anything related to donations or finances, please feel free to contact us and our Treasurer will get back to you.

Wellington Buddhist Centre is a registered charity, with charity number CC22144. Our full accounts are available from Charities Services.

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What It Costs

Yearly costs


Admin Costs

How You Can Help

We provide suggested donation amounts for our classes and events. If everyone gave these amounts, our costs would be covered, but those can’t afford this (or even anything), are just as welcome as anyone else. We hope that by encouraging you to give what you can those who are able to give more will help cover for those who can’t afford as much, and we can continue offering our classes free of charge.

One-Off Donations

Most people who come to our classes donate at the centre (we can take donations by cash or card). Our suggested one-off donation amount* is $5-15 per class.

Standing Orders

Many people who attend the centre regularly choose to set up a monthly standing order as a more convenient way of giving than donating every time they come to the centre. Our suggested monthly donation amount* is $100.

You can set up a standing order yourself using online or phone banking using these account details:

Account NameFWBO Wellington Buddhist Centre
Account Number03 0510 0729715 00

* These are suggested donation amounts only, please give what you can. Unless specified, all classes and events are free of charge. 

Tax Refund

Wellington Buddhist Centre is registered with the IRD as an approved donee organisation. This means you can claim tax credits for donations you give to us.

Learn more about tax credit for donations