Dāna Economy

Generosity is of fundamental importance in Buddhism and the finances of the Centre are run on the basis of koha / dāna / donations. The volunteers who run the Centre give their time, energy and knowledge freely.

Many people are questioning and re-evaluating established ways of thinking and living and find that the Buddha’s teaching directly addresses these concerns. The Buddha’s teaching represents an utterly fresh way of understanding the value of human life and how we can best make use of the tremendous opportunity it offers. We make these teachings available through our classes, courses and retreats. 

We ask for contributions to help us keep the Centre running.

Wellington Buddhist Centre is a registered charity, with charity number CC22144. Our full accounts are available from Charities Services.

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What It Costs

Monthly costs

Admin Costs

Other Expenses

Where It Comes From

The majority of our income comes from two sources: the generosity of people who come to the centre who donate either at classes or by regular monthly donations, and income from retreats at Strathean. We also make additional income from running courses. A small amount of additional income comes from bookshop sales and from occasional hiring out of the Centre to other groups.

How You Can Help

Suggested donation amounts for our classes are $5-$15 but all classes are offered freely; please give what you can to support our work and to support those less well off. We hope you can give generously!

Monthly Automatic Payments

The best way to financially support the Centre is by monthly automatic payments, which will help maintain and develop the work that is done here by providing a reliable income stream in uncertain economic times. Our suggested monthly donation amount is $120.

Increased income will allow us to extend the range of what we do, allowing us to continue to unfold and deepen the thriving Centre and Community that we have, and give people what they need to effect real change in their lives.

You can set up a monthly automatic payment here

One-Off Donations

We take cash or card at the Centre. You can also donate online here.

Tax Refund

Wellington Buddhist Centre is registered with the IRD as an approved donee organisation. This means you can claim tax credits for donations you give to us. Learn more about tax credit for donations