In Conversation with Nagabodhi and Jnanadhara

Tuesday 18 February 7pm – 9pm

Nagabodhi is much loved by us all in Wellington and  has been the President of Wellington Buddhist Centre for 30 years. 

A president is someone who takes an interest in what is happening at our Centre while not being involved in a day by day way they are able to bring experience and perspective to the situation.

Nagabodhi is based in the UK and in this time, he has visited us for 2 weeks every two years, taking a friendly interest in our Centre and providing guidance and perspective to five different Chairs and the WBC Council. Many deep friendships have been formed during this time.

Jnanadhara is originally from Whangarei and first encountered Buddhism through books while in his mid-teens. After completing a diploma in music, he got involved with Triratna in Wellington in 1996. His desire to deepen his involvement led him to the UK.  From there he moved to Dublin, Ireland where he now lives. He was ordained in 2003.