Special Events

Dharma Workshop:  – Reflecting on Impermanence

Wednesday 25 April, 10:30 am to 4:30 pm

Led by Achala

Intellectually it’s pretty obvious that everything is impermanent. But we also know from our emotional life that there’s a big gap between rational acceptance of impermanence and real wisdom. This workshop is about bridging the gap.

Suggested donation: $50 (waged) / $35 (low income)

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Meditation Workshop

Sunday 15 July,  9:30am to 1 pm  (also  14 October)

Led by Achalamuni and Malcolm.

This workshop provides instruction in Buddhist meditation including body awareness, mindfulness of the breath and cultivating kindness towards ourselves and others. Together these practices help develop relaxed awareness, clarity and compassion.

Suggested donation: $40 (waged) / $25 (low income)

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