Open Meditation Retreat - Otaki

Friday 15 March – Sunday 17 March

If you do not receive a confirmation email for your booking it means we have NOT received your booking. Please contact us.

Please read: Before you book: 

A retreat is a rare chance to spend time far removed from our devices, stress and city strife. It is an opportunity to relax, as well as to find inspiration and to challenge yourself. For many it is a life-changing experience that they never forget. You can deepen your meditation, cultivate mindfulness, and learn about Buddhism. A retreat is also a good way to meet new friends.

Going Forth

While on retreat we aim to create a peaceful atmosphere, free from distraction, that is conducive to deepening practice. We will ask you to help us maintain this environment in several ways. If any of these will be problematic for you, please contact us before you book.

  • We ask all attendees to turn off (not just on flight mode) mobile phones and other similar devices. If someone might need to contact you in an emergency, we can provide you with the retreat leader's phone number.
  • Our retreats are meat, smoke, drug and alcohol free. Please do not bring any meat, fish, alcohol or drugs. If you need to smoke, please do so well away from the retreat centre.
  • To support an atmosphere of stillness and contentment for yourself and other retreatants, we ask you to abstain from all forms of sexual activity while you are on retreat.

Your Welfare & Safety

We want you to have a safe and enjoyable time on retreat with us. If any of the following applies, please contact us before you book so that we can make sure we will be able to accommodate you in the best way possible:

  • You have any physical, emotional or clinical mental health difficulties that may affect your participation in the retreat.
  • You have any dietary requirements other than being gluten free or have a nut allergy.
  • You are under 18 years old.
  • There is anything else we may need to be aware of to ensure you get the most out of your retreat experience.


  • If you are feeling unwell please do not come on retreat. We will offer a full refund, less any booking fees, if you are unwell.
  • Please maintain good hand hygiene and cough etiquette while on retreat.

Terms and Conditions:

By booking on this retreat, you understand/consent to the following: 

  • Wellington Buddhist Centre collecting the booking information for the purposes of running the retreat. All personal data is stored on a secure server. Any information stored off the server will be destroyed after the retreat. Please see our  privacy statement for further details.
  • I understand I have the right to withdraw from the retreat at any stage.
  • I understand the Wellington Buddhist Centre accepts no responsibility for any damage or loss to property during your stay at Strathean/Riverslea (or during the journey to/from).
  • I will endeavour to follow the 5 precepts / training principles;
  1. Not killing or causing harm to other living beings. 
  2. Not taking the not-given. 
  3. Avoiding sexual misconduct. 
  4. Avoiding false speech.
  5. Abstaining from drink and drugs that cloud the mind.

Please see our training principles document for more clarification.