Get away from the city and immerse yourself in an ideal environment to learn about meditation, Buddhism and yourself in a relaxed country setting.

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From Reactive Mind to Creative Mind: Using the nidana chain meditation in everyday life

Note: For order members and mitras only.

When:  7pm, Friday 24 May to 3pm, Sunday 26 May
Leader:  Lokeshvara
Venue:   Strathean Retreat Centre nr. Otaki
Cost:  $210 waged or $160 unwaged

Lokeshvara along with Aryajaya are the International Order Convenors for the Triratna Buddhist Order.

One of the most important maps in the entire Buddhist tradition is the Nidana chain. The Buddha describes how the mind usually functions, and where it is possible to recognise the gap between ‘feeling’ and ‘craving’ where a new kind of consciousness becomes possible. We can learn the meditation but it is vital we learn how to do this in the midst of life, and connect this map to the others we know. This is the purpose of the retreat.

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Meanings, Metaphors, and Myth: Exploring our Experience of ‘Self’ and ‘Not Self’

When: 7pm, Friday 19 July to 3pm, Sunday 21 July
Leader:  Silaratna
Venue:   Strathean Retreat Centre nr. Otaki
Cost:  $210 waged or $160 unwaged

How can we approach the experience of Anatta and Pratitya Samupada without developing the problems associated with ‘Spiritual Bypassing’ and premature synthesis?

Silaratna writes “This retreat will be somewhat workshop orientated, quite free flowing, and have frequent but shortish periods of meditation. There will be small group, pair and individual work culminating in a burning Ritual on the Sunday before the retreat ends. Saturday evening’s Puja will involve some expressive chanting and movement.”

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Other Weekend Retreats in 2019

In 2019 we will be holding weekend retreats on the following dates:

  • 20-22 September
  • 8-10 November

We will give you further details when they come to hand.