Get away from the city and immerse yourself in an ideal environment to learn about meditation, Buddhism and yourself in a relaxed country setting.

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Weekend Retreat: The Heart Sutra

When:  7pm, Friday 20 September to 3pm, Sunday 22 September
Leader:  Ratnavyuha
Venue:   Strathean Retreat Centre nr. Otaki
Cost:  $210 waged or $160 unwaged

One of the best known pieces of Buddhist scripture is the Heart Sutra, part of the Perfection of Wisdom literature, pithy and direct teachings on the nature of Reality. They were never meant to make sense to your logical mind. But in order to use fruitfully these words, it is essential that we are familiar with them and have some sense of where they are pointing us. The primary aim of this weekend is to create a greater familiarity of where the Heart Sutra is pointing you.

We will be looking at different translations, reciting it in the shrine room and forming our own personal connection with the material. We will even go so far as to use all the different translations, some of which are very inspired, to compile our own version of the Heart Sutra to help us connect with it more personally.

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Young Buddhists Retreat: Mindfulness and the Path to Freedom.

When:  7pm, Friday 25 October to 3pm, Monday 28 October
Leader:  Dhammakumara
Venue:   Riverslea Retreat Centre nr. Otaki
Cost:  $240 waged or $190 unwaged or Auckland sangha

We are excited to be hosting our first retreat for young people, set in the beautiful Riverslea Retreat along the Otaki River Gorge.

On this three day meditation retreat, we’ll look at how Buddhist meditation can put us on a path to living a more relaxed, peaceful, and free life.

Without screens or phones, to-do lists or deadlines, this retreat is the perfect setting to step out of the busyness of everyday life and practice mindfulness. There will be simple guided meditations, great for those new to practicing, and as a refresher for people who have been sitting for a while. The schedule will also include discussion groups, a talk on mindfulness, and free time to explore the river and forest nearby.

Whether you’re new to Buddhism and meditation or have been practising for some time, it’s a lovely opportunity to refresh your mind and start new friendships with other meditators.

Open to 18 – 35 year olds.

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The Dhammapada: Chapter 3, The Mind

When: 7pm, Friday 8 November to 3pm, Sunday 10 November
Leader:  Guhyavajra
Venue:   Strathean Retreat Centre nr. Otaki
Cost:  $210 waged or $160 unwaged

On this retreat we will be living together for the weekend in context of friendship and meditation with plenty of time for walks and relaxation. The retreat will be themed on the Dhammapada, section on ‘The Mind’. The Dhammapada is an ancient Buddhist text threaded together from teachings and sayings of the Buddha, touching upon the essential themes of his teaching. An opportunity to explore the Buddha’s teaching relevant to our lives and experience as we find it.

Guhyavajra is a New Zealander who has spent 40 years living in Europe working for Triratna, with regular visits to New Zealand over the years, including solitary meditation retreats on his land in the southern alps. From November Guhyavajra will be living at Sudarshanaloka Retreat Centre near Thames on the Coromandel peninsula helping out there, working as a carpenter and also with some involvement at the Auckland Buddhist Centre.

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The Dynamic Mandala 

When: 7pm, Friday 31 January to 3pm, Sunday 2 February
Leader:  Tejananda
Venue:   Strathean Retreat Centre nr. Otaki
Cost:  $210 waged or $160 unwaged

Note: For order members and mitras only

Tejananda has been practising Buddhism and meditation for over 30 years and a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order since 1980. He has been part of the resident / teaching team at Vajraloka since 1995 and became chairman of the centre in 2001. In meditation he has practiced just about everything in the repertoire of the Triratna Buddhist Community and is now particularly inspired by the ‘formless’ or ‘awareness’ approaches arising from just sitting.

In Triratna, our system of practice is a dynamic mandala of five principles. We progressively integrate mind and body, samatha and vipassana, and discover the power of skilful and positive mental states. Then, directly penetrating and dispelling our delusions, we open ever-more to the wonder of what is. Thus, at last, we can wake up to and be who and what we truly are.

On this retreat we’ll take a somatic approach these five principles, that is, one based in the living energy of our body and being. Through being open to the energy of the body, and by becoming attuned its actual nature we’ll discover ways to “integrate” all five principles experientially into a single, embodied ’non-practice’ of Simply Being.

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