Get away from the city and immerse yourself in an ideal environment to learn about meditation, Buddhism and yourself in a relaxed country setting.

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The Dynamic Mandala 

When: 7pm, Friday 31 January to 3pm, Sunday 2 February
Leader:  Tejananda
Venue:   Strathean Retreat Centre nr. Otaki
Cost:  $210 waged or $160 unwaged

Note: For order members and mitras only

Tejananda has been practising Buddhism and meditation for over 30 years and a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order since 1980. He has been part of the resident / teaching team at Vajraloka since 1995 and became chairman of the centre in 2001. In meditation he has practiced just about everything in the repertoire of the Triratna Buddhist Community and is now particularly inspired by the ‘formless’ or ‘awareness’ approaches arising from just sitting.

In Triratna, our system of practice is a dynamic mandala of five principles. We progressively integrate mind and body, samatha and vipassana, and discover the power of skilful and positive mental states. Then, directly penetrating and dispelling our delusions, we open ever-more to the wonder of what is. Thus, at last, we can wake up to and be who and what we truly are.

On this retreat we’ll take a somatic approach these five principles, that is, one based in the living energy of our body and being. Through being open to the energy of the body, and by becoming attuned its actual nature we’ll discover ways to “integrate” all five principles experientially into a single, embodied ’non-practice’ of Simply Being.

Note: This retreat is now fully booked, but if you would like to go on a waiting list please complete the booking form and we will let you know if or when a place becomes available.

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Sangha Weekend

When: 7pm, Friday 20 March to 3pm, Sunday 22 March
Leaders:  tba.
Venue:   Strathean Retreat Centre nr. Otaki
Cost:  $210 waged or $160 unwaged

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