Guidelines for Alert Level 1

When you Attend a Class

We have introduced a number of health and safety guidelines to meet the requirements of opening under alert level1. This is a perfect opportunity for really becoming so much more aware of each other.

  • If you are unwell please stay home
  • The Centre will be set up and cleaned before your arrival.
  • Give a team member your contact details  as you arrive.
  • No physical contact with others (e.g. handshakes, hugs, hongi)
  • Hand sanitiser is provided. Please use it.
  • Practice the guidance on hand washing and coughing into elbows or tissues.


If You are on a Class Team



  1. Someone in team needs to be there half an hour before the class.’
  2. Make sure the shrine room and reception room are set up:
  3. Turn on air conditioning
  4. Wipe all door handles and taps with antibacterial spray and purple cloth, store used purple cloths in labelled bucket in orange room. Saradarshini will wash these each week.
  5. Ensure there is hand sanitiser beside Eftpos terminal
  6. Leave hand sanitiser and dana bowl together on table past cloak room
  7. Open door to toilets using a door stop
  8. Open front door wide using door stop



Team Member 1 

  1. Greet people as they arrive,
  2. Write name and contact number on tracking details sheet
  3. Remind people of distancing practices, including no handshaking
  4. Let them know hand sanitiser is available after they come out of the cloakroom

Team Member 2

  1. After people come out of the cloakroom point out hand sanitiser, dana bowl and location of Eftpos terminal.
  2. Offer sheet of Centre User safety guidelines
  3. Ask people to take a seat and not to rearrange the furniture.



  1. Close doors
  2. One team member needs to stay near the door to greet late arrivals



  • Put away any additional meditation equipment