Chris's Public Ordination

Chris's Public Ordination

Sunday 6 February 11am – 1pm

Chris Bicknell is currently on a two-week ordination retreat on an island in the Pacific, with Purna, his private preceptor. 

His public ordination will be held at the Wellington Buddhist Centre. Public ordination marks Chris’s entry into the Triratna Buddhist Order. Normally this would take place on retreat, so this is a rare chance to join in. 

The ceremony will be conducted by Ratnavyuha (from Auckland) and will consist of Chris taking on the ordination vows, the ten precepts, receiving a kesa and, finally, his new name will be announced. 

Refreshments and snacks will be available afterwards. 
Please arrive a little early, the Centre will be open from 10:30 

This event will also be live-steamed via Zoom. 
The Zoom link is: