Regulars Night

Regulars Night

Please follow our alert level 1 guidelines.

Starting at 7:00 pm we present an aspect of Buddhism through talks, videos or readings followed by an opportunity for discussion. Occasionally there will be meditation workshops or talks by visiting Triratna Order Members. 

After a short break we end the evening with a period of meditation.

Once a month, when there isn’t a festival, the evening will start with meditation and is followed by a pūjā, a Buddhist devotional practice.


Suggested Donation: $15 / $10 / $5   Donate here.

How To Join

Use a PC or Mac

For most modern web browsers, you do not need to download anything. For a better experience you can, before the start time, download the Zoom Desktop Client for Windows, Mac, or Linux. You do not need to create an account or sign in.

A few minutes before we're due to start, either:

  • Click here to join
  • If you have downloaded the app, open it and enter the meeting ID 777-843-508
  • Go to and enter the meeting ID 777-843-508

Use a Mobile or Tablet

Before the start time, download the Zoom Mobile App using one of the links below. You do not need to create an account or sign in.

A few minutes before we're due to start, click here to join or open the app and enter the meeting ID 777-843-508.


Date Subject Presenter
23 June The wondrous life of the poet Shantideva Achala
30 June Savouring the Teachings Akashagarbha
7 July Dharma Day and Mitra ceremony for Alistair Suryagita
14 July Bodhisattva Ideal: The Heart of Buddhism Aryagita
21 July Bodhisattva Ideal: The Awakening Heart Aryagita
28 July Bodhisattva Ideal: The Bodhisattva's Training. Aryagita
4 August Fearlessness and metta - the Buddha’s subjugation of the elephant Nalagiri Chris Bicknell
11 August Meditation and Puja Achala
18 August Wheel of Life: The Three Poisons keeping us on the Wheel Achalamuni
25 August Wheel of Life: The Six Realms of Being. Dennis Smith
1 September Wheel of Life: Round and round the Wheel we go Akashagarbha
8 September Wheel of Life: Getting off the Wheel; Mind reactive, Mind creative. Akashagarbha
15 September The aspiration and courage to go deeper Achala
22 September Friendship as an art and a way of forgetting yourself Achala
29 September Padmasambhava festival Suryagita
6 October Aspects of the Spiritual Life: Integration Maitreyabandhu (video)
13 October Aspects of the Spiritual Life: Positive Emotion Maitreyabandhu (video)
20 October Aspects of the Spiritual Life: Receptivity Maitreyabandhu (video)
27 October Aspects of the Spiritual Life: Spiritual Death Jnanavaca (video)
3 November Mitra Ceremony Saradarshini
10 November Aspects of the Spiritual Life: Spiritual Rebirth Achala
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I need to have been coming?

The class is best suited for those who have attended an entire series (or most of a series) on Newcomers Night or have completed an Introductory Course.

I can’t make it to any of the introductory classes, can I come to this class instead?

Since the meditation practice is usually without instruction, and the topics covered are quite in depth, this class is not well suited for newcomers.

Is it okay to join in the middle of the series?

Absolutely. Though of course you’ll get those most out of the class by attending the whole series, there’s no need to wait until the start of the next series if you want to start coming.

What is pūjā?

A pūjā is a traditional Buddhist ritual that engages our emotions and imaginations through the use of colour, beauty and celebration.

To feel fully and vibrantly alive, we need to be engaged with all the different aspects and levels of our being.

How much does the class cost?

We don’t charge for our classes, we simply ask that those who are able to do so make a donation to the centre to help us cover our running costs.

The suggested amount, is $5 to $15. Everyone is equally welcome, even if you cannot give anything at all.

We can take donations by card or cash.

The Team