Wellington Buddhist Centre is the hub of a friendly community of practising Buddhists, who meet up regularly to meditate and support each other. The Centre is run by members of the Triratna Buddhist Order, who teach and practise a non-sectarian style of Buddhism, suitable for people living in the contemporary Western world.

We run regular classes for newcomers to Buddhism and meditation, as well as a programme of other classes, events, retreats, festivals and study seminars for those with more experience.

Beyond Capitalism – Radical Dharma for the Modern World

A weekend workshop 

The Buddha on Wall StreetTBoWS
Is capitalism associated with the decline of community and the degradation of work? If so, what can we do as Buddhists to turn this situation around?

Vaddhaka, author of The Buddha on Wall Street, will lead us on a two day exploration of these topics. Each day will include an introductory talk from Vaddhaka and group discussions. Here is what we will be exploring on the days.

(i) The decline of community: Community is vital to a meaningful life. What do we mean by community? And does capitalist economic development support such community? Where can we find community in our lives? What can we do to preserve and promote its development?

(ii) The degradation of work: Unfortunately, the vast majority of people in the world today do not find fulfillment in their job, whilst over 200 million are unemployed. Work, and the lack of work, are major sources of suffering in the world. How did we get to this situation? Can we do anything to change it? What is the Buddhist attitude to work?

Leader: Vaddhakavaddhaka
Before joining the Triratna Buddhist community in 1994, Vaddhaka completed a first degree in economics and postgraduate degree in industrial relations. He worked for over twenty years in the UK in trade unionism and adult education.

He is the author of “The Buddha on Wall Street: What’s Wrong with Capitalism and What We Can Do about It” available now from Windhorse Publications.

When:  Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th November – 10:30am to 4:30pm

Where: Wellington Buddhist Centre

Cost: $80 (waged) or $55 (unwaged)

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Wellington Buddhist Centre is located upstairs at 6-8 Broomhedge Street, Mount Cook, Wellington.  There is plenty of parking right outside the centre in the evenings and on weekends.  Contact us for more information.