Triratna Buddhist Order

3438024132_1b0297a0ed_bAt the heart of the Triratna Buddhist Community is the Triratna Buddhist Order.   The Triratna Buddhist Order is a spiritual community of people who have pledged themselves to following the Buddhist path to Enlightenment. Order Members have made that commitment – traditionally known as Going for Refuge to the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha – the central point of their lives. In particular, they have chosen to make the Triratna Buddhist Order the context in which they are trying to live ever more deeply imbued by Wisdom and Compassion.

The Triratna Buddhist Order is a radical alternative to most forms of Buddhism in Asia, where practitioners are either monastic or lay. Our Order is open to anyone – regardless of race, sexual orientation, or gender identification – who is sincerely and effectively committed to the Buddhist path. Order members try to lead a wholehearted Buddhist life, bring a dharmic perspective to all aspects of their life. They are not monks or nuns. What matters is not the lifestyle that Order members adopt but the spiritual commitment they have made: commitment is primary, lifestyle is secondary.