Sub35 Meeting

Wednesdays, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm 

Anyone under the age of 35 is welcome to these meetings and no experience is required. Bring your thoughts, ideas, questions and aspirations – or, you know, just yourself!.

Also, at the end of each session we have a guided meditation which is appropriate for all levels of experience.

Koha / dana / donations gratefully received to help us cover costs at the centre, but please don’t let money be a barrier to attending – you’re always welcome.


Coming Up: 18 April to 9 May – WAKE UP! 

Explore the four noble truths through listening discussing and reflecting. The Buddha used a medical model to teach the four noble truths. We have an illness (dissatisfaction), its cause is craving; a cure is available, and then the cure is mapped out.

We are asked test the Buddha’s teachings against our experience, not to accept them with blind faith. Are the four noble truths true in our experience?

18 April – Dissatisfaction is prevalent in human life

25 April –  Its cause is craving

2 May – There is a way out

9 May – The cure is described