Sevenfold Puja

When:  Sundays, 4.30 pm – 5.45 pm (arrive from 4:00 pm)

Suggested Donation: $15 /  $10 /  $5

We start with meditation, after which there’s a short silent break and then, the ritual based on “the sevenfold puja”.

These are ancient verses (translated into English) that have been recited for hundreds of years. They are about opening our hearts to truth, beauty and the highest values of life. The ritual also includes some mantras and other chanting.

The meeting finishes around 5.45pm in near silence.

No meditation instruction is given, nor and explanation of the ritual chants or verses. (You can ask for an explanation of the verses on the forthcoming Drop-in Dharma Discussion class which go from 7 to 9pm Fridays, starting 26 April.)

You can find the text for the Sevenfold here.

Note: The puja on 30 June will be the last weekly Sunday puja. Pujas will now be held monthly on Tuesday nights.