Sevenfold Puja

When:  Sundays, 4.30 pm – 5.45 pm (arrive from 4:00 pm)

Suggested Donation:  $10 (waged) / $7 (low income)

Enter the realm of the imagination with the Sevenfold Puja, an inspiring text taken from a work by Shantideva, an eighth century Indian monk, known as the Bodhicaryavatara, or “Guide to the Bodhisattva’s way of life”. The puja (worship) consists of seven poetic verses, designed to lead you through various devotional moods, as well as mantras which evoke particular qualities of the Enlightened mind.

You can find the text for the Sevenfold here.

Note: The puja will be preceded by a group meditation so this event is restricted to those who have learnt to meditate.