These are some of people who lead events at Wellington Buddhist Centre


Akashagarbha  is the Chair of Wellington Buddhist Centre. He came across Wellington Buddhist Centre in 1982. “I was looking for something more to life than just a career, house, family etc.”. After moving to the UK in 1986 he was involved running Padmaloka Retreat Centre near Norwich, the Bristol Buddhist Centre and worked in right-livelihood businesses in London.

Akashagarbha was ordained st Guhyaloka Retreat Centre in Spain in 1992. After a few years at the Auckland Centre Akashagarbha returned to Wellington in 1999.
Akashagarbha teaches on Tuesday Open Nights, runs meditation and Buddhism courses and leads weekend retreats.



After first coming across Buddhism at Wellington Buddhist Centre in 1987 Suryagita  had an immediate heartfelt response to meditation and ritual . To her Buddhist teachings felt strangely familiar.

She travelled to the UK and focused her practice in the context of the Triratna Community, whose approach she found particularly helpful as a western woman.

Suryagita was ordained in Italy in 2004 and she returned to NZ with her partner in 2008.  She is an Alexander Technique teacher specialising in voice work and also has a passion for music.

She currently teaches meditation and leads festivals at Wellington Buddhist Centre, and runs retreats in NZ and Australia, bringing together breathwork, embodiment, music and mantra, to enrich people’s practice and create conditions for the desire to help all beings to arise.


Amalaratna first came to Wellington Buddhist Centre in 1984 to find a Buddhist teacher and to learn meditation. She was very impressed with some of the qualities of the senior members of the Triratna Buddhist Order and decided to commit to practicing within the Triratna Buddhist Community.

Amalaratna was ordained in 2001. Over the years she has been involved in Wellington Buddhist Centre’s Open Night, leading festivals, study groups and retreats.

She is a keen meditator and is interested in extending awareness from meditation practice into all aspects of daily life, including the workplace and in dreams. Amalaratna also practices tai chi regularly and is learning Mandarin.