Open Night

Tuesdays, 7 pm to 9 pm

009Every Tuesday at 7pm is Open Night at Wellington Buddhist Centre. This is a time when anybody can come along no matter what level of experience they have. It is a great introduction to Wellington Buddhist Centre, as well as a chance to contact like-minded people.

The evening usually starts off with a presentation of an aspect of Buddhism or meditation. If you want to stay on we have a tea break followed by meditation and rituals.

Everyone welcome

Suggested donation: $15 (waged) / $10 (low income)


Next Open Night:  27 February – The First and Second Noble Truths

This is the second in a series of talks and discussion on aspects of conditionality, the basic concept of Buddhist doctrine.

In this talk Aryagita will introduce the Four Noble Truths which is conditionality applied to suffering. In particular she will look at unsatisfactoriness and how it arises in dependence of craving.


Upcoming Open Nights 

Date Topic Presenter
  6th Mar.   The Third and Fourth Noble Truths   Akashagarbha
  13th Mar.   International Order Convenor   Lokeshvara
  20th Mar.   Three Lakshanas – Dukkha   Aryagita
  27th Mar.   Three Lakshanas – Impermanence   Saradarshini
  3rd Apr.   Three Lakshanas – Insubstantiality   Achala
  10th Apr.   Triratna Festival   Suryagita