Guidelines for Alert Level 2

The Wellington Buddhist Centre will continue all of our classes in Level 2 with some changes.

We have introduced a number of health and safety guidelines to meet the requirements of opening under alert level 2. This is a perfect opportunity for really becoming to practice mindful social distancing and increase awareness of others!

1. Some of you will be in bubbles with each other but please help us by maintaining the one metre distance expected of everyone.

2. One person only in the cloakroom at a time, so do take off your shoes and coat and move on as quickly as possible so others can come in.

3. When leaving, please take your belongings and put them on in the hallway where there will be chairs provided.

4. We need to collect contact details. The leader of the activity will do this so please make sure you have checked in with them.

5. Chairs and mats will be laid out with cushions and blankets. If you need anything else a team member will get it for you. Please do not move chairs or any other equipment. Let the class team wait on you.

6. There will be a tea break however it will be given to you from a team member to ensure less contact.