Helping Us to Help Others

Wellington Buddhist Centre  is a registered not-for-profit charity. The Centre Teachers and supporters all give their time for free, but we still have rent and other expenses to cover.  As the Centre does not receive any money from outside sources and we have to cover our expenses through course fees and donations. Therefore we have given suggested donations to cover these costs.

These donations are voluntary and nobody will be excluded from an event if they can’t afford to pay.

Tax Refund

Wellington Buddhist Centre is registered with the IRD as an approved donee organisation. This means you can claim tax credits for donations you give to us. Read more about this here.

Standing Donations

A monthly standing order is way to make regular donations to the Centre .  A monthly standing donation of $100 or more covers donations to all classes, except workshops and retreats.

Simply go to your bank’s website, or one of its branches, and fill out a form with the following details.

Account Name:  FWBO Wellington Buddhist Centre

Account Number: 03 0510 0729715 00

Charity Number:  CC22144