Nature of Mind Project

Nature of Mind Project

Friday 4 February – Friday 8 July

The plan is to have these events at the Wellington Buddhist Centre projected on to a large screen.

To participate register at from the 14th of January. Once registered you will have access to booklets, recordings and all the scheduled events. There is no charge, this isn’t a fundraiser it’s about reaching out to Mitras, Regulars, Newcomers as well as the Order. 

The project is being run from Adhisthana, Centres in Oceania will be using the same material and exploring the same themes but with live events timed for our part of the World.

Each month three key activities will happen. Below is what is happening in the first month

Mid-January – An expert interview

The Divided BrainJnanavaca in conversation with psychiatrist and writer, Dr Iain McGilchrist. Iain McGilchrist, author of the critically acclaimed work, The Master and His Emissary and a new book, The Matter with Things, explores the implications of the two hemispheres of the brain. 

Friday 4 Feb 8pm – Oceania Nature of Mind launch - Join Maitreyabandhu, Danayutta, Khemabandhu and Varadhi at the opening event of this project.

Saturday 5 Feb 11am – 12.30pm - Monthly live seminar hosted by Order Members in Australia and New Zealand. The seminar will explore the ideas of the expert interview, with time for Q and A at the end.
Four Paths to Truth - Exploring the ideas presented in the interview with Iain McGilchrist
‘There are, it seems to me, four main pathways to the truth: science, reason, intuition and imagination. I also believe strongly that any world view that tries to get by without paying due respect to all four of these is bound to fail.’ Iain McGilchrist. 

7-11 Feb  meditations: Includes a teaching and a guided meditation related to the theme of the expert interview. 

Embodied Mind with Maitreyabandhu. 

‘Every word, in and of itself, eventually has to lead us out of the web of language, to the lived world, ultimately to something that can only be pointed to, something that relates to our embodied existence.’ Iain McGilchrist.

These will be live 8.00pm – 9.30pm but in Wellington we will be running the recorded event on zoom the following morning 7.00am to 8.30am (Tue 8th, Wed 9th, Thur 10th, Friday 11th and Sun 13th) 

We will have other events and we’ll keep you fully informed.